The book“Los puentes del Tren” by José Serna García, engineer of the company ESTEYCO, is an invitation to embark on a fascinating structural journey through the history of railway bridges. Beginning with the first stone and wood bridges, the author skillfully guides us from the four-meter spans of the first metal bridge to the sophisticated cable-stayed bridges of today.

In Spanish, 250 pages and supported by more than 200 illustrations in PDF format, this book offers a unique opportunity to delve into the evolution and development of one of the oldest and most modern structures of our civil engineering.

The author, with his vast experience in the field of structural engineering, shares his knowledge and passion for the world of railway bridges, making this book a must-read for students, engineers and enthusiasts of civil engineering history.

don’t miss the opportunity to download “Los puentes del Tren” and immerse yourself in a fascinating world of history, engineering and architecture!

Download: Los puentes del Tren (PDF, 7.6 MB)